Edge is uniquely positioned to offer expert environmental support to organisations and clients, to strategically address the interconnected nature and climate emergency objectives and support the Green Recovery by reversing the national decline in biodiversity and building resilient ecological networks.

By connecting science to policy, we place the vital scientific evidence in accessible and engaging format in the hands of decision-makers, to help raise environmental ambitions, accelerate the pace of ecosystem resilience delivery and steer our clients towards environmental sustainability objectives through an integrated approach to ecosystem resilience enhancement.

We achieve this through genuine collaborative and professional partnership with our clients to deliver robust evidence-based solutions. Edge applies world-class scientific knowledge and specialised technical skills with creative design talent to deliver high impact, innovative, accessible and actionable results. Our environmental services are diverse, bespoke and suited to your needs. Some examples of work themes are outlined below. Please contact us to arrange an informal chat and learn more about how we can assist your organisation.

Edge delivers evidence-based solutions to enhance biodiversity, deliver nature-based solutions and build resilient ecosystems. We incorporate visual-rich, accessible infographics to engage and make an impact.

Environmental Strategies

  • Strategic development of Environmental Strategies, Programmes, Plans and Projects.
  • Strategic roadmaps for Government and commercial clients to deliver environmental resilience across ecosystems (terrestrial, freshwater and marine) and scales (species, ecosystem, catchment, landscape).
  • Strategic Programme development with stakeholders to build ecological resilient network programmes aligned with Government Policy and nature & climate emergency agendas.
  • Scientific Evidence Report writing to underpin decision-making for building ecosystem resilience and sustainability.
  • Evidence-based advice to Welsh and UK Government to support development of effective post-Brexit Environmental Policies.
  • Evidence Reports to identify opportunities for delivering nature-based solutions to build ecosystem resilience for Climate Change.

Environmental Toolkits

  • Environmental Toolkits for Industry and Government bodies
  • Operational Guidance Documents, Factsheets, organisational recommendations and more.
  • Infographic development: scientific evidence-based information into visual-rich, high impact graphical format.
  • Presentation (e.g. Powerpoint) development with infographics.

Environmental Assessments

  • Climate change and ecosystem resilience assessments across scales: species, ecosystem and landscape.
  • National and local evidence-based condition assessments of biodiversity, ecosystems, and natural capital assets at ecosystem and landscape scale.
  • Ecosystem resilience opportunity assessments (ecosystem and/or integrated catchment level).
  • Strategic spatial planning opportunity assessments to deliver integrated nature-based solutions across ecosystems (terrestrial, freshwater and marine).
  • Drivers of ecosystem change assessments (anthropogenic and climate change) for government and commercial clients -environmental impacts, spatial planning, efficacy of management measures.
  • Strategic environmental assessments (SEA).
  • Impact assessments of anthropogenic pressures e.g. contaminants, organic pollution etc. within ecosystems and across catchments.

Educational Resources

  • Academic environmental course development for universities (online framework development for Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai and more).
  • Environmental education resources for universities, schools and outreach groups.
  • Infographic development: scientific information into visual-rich, high impact content.
  • Grant funding application support.