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Edge combines global experience in science and policy with local knowledge, to offer a range of high quality environmental services. Our expertise is centred on supporting the delivery of resilient ecosystems and network solutions, improving the condition and connectivity of protected sites and developing sustainable environmental policies. With specialist expertise areas in biodiversity, ecosystem structure and functional dynamics, Edge is uniquely positioned to offer expert support to address current nature and climate emergency objectives and support the Green Recovery.

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Our Edge approach is strategic, collaborative and professional. Bridging science with policy, we offer unique partnership to deliver innovative, resilient ecosystem solutions. Protecting and restoring ecological networks relies on robust evidence-based post-Brexit policies to accelerate the pace of ecosystem resilience delivery. Success of scientific evidence in informing policy is dependent on content engagement and accessibility. Edge incorporates visual-rich infographics to deliver informative and engaging evidenced-based content to drive change.

Resilience, Edge Ecosystem

Edge is committed to the protection of our declining biodiversity and enhancement of resilient ecological networks via nature-based and evidence-informed solutions. Building ecosystem resilience is at the heart of our work, to ensure sustainable management of our natural resources for future generations. The climate and nature emergency agendas require urgent action to restore nature and it’s vital contributions to society. Bold acceleration of environmental protection is imperative as a foundation for a sustainable and resilient environmental recovery.

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By connecting Science to Policy, Edge places the vital scientific evidence in the hands of decision-makers to help build a more resilient and sustainable natural environment.

Dr Jo Maloney, Managing Director of Edge Ecosystem.

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